The BaduJet since 1973, still the world leader in water treadmills. BaduJet allows the pool user to swim, run or walk against a water current. The flow control knob regulates two powerful jets of water creating resistance for an enjoyable walk, jog or swim. It's virtually a treadmill in water with less pounding and harmful jarring caused by street exercise. Capable of creating a current in excess of 5000 GPM, the BaduJet's patented system can be installed in most pools, new or old, no matter what size or material. BaduJet also provides relaxation; the attachable hose produces a pulsating refreshing massage.

The product may not be challenging or satisfying for all levels of exercise.


1.   Flush mounted, plastic housing, 16" diameter.
2.   Rectangular Anti-Vortex Cover for undetectable suction (20" X 17").
3.   Adjustable recessed jet nozzles
4.   Volume control knob adjusts flow of water.
5.   Pneumatic on/off button guarantees complete separation between pool water and pump
motor control.
6.   Air regulator adjusts amount of air bubbles in water flow.
7.   Tubing for pneumatic button, 50 feet (not shown).
8.   Control Box with GFCI.
9.   Speck 4 HP self-priming plastic pump. UL Listed, single phase with thermal overload (no
motor starter required).
10. Massage hose with pulsator may be attached to jet nozzle

Dual Nozzle Super Sport Jets


BaduJet Super Sport System, 2300000037 Complete system as pictured and described above $5500.00

Single Nozzle Classic System



BaduJet Classic System, 2304000037 Complete system as pictured and described above $4150.00


2300003000 Massage Hose with Pulsator 5' $122.00
2300003006 Massage Hose with Pulsator 15' $190.00
2300022000 Cap to Close one Nozzle $46.00
2304910010 BaduStream Extension Ring for Concrete/Gunite Pools $25.00


The BaduJet is normally incorporated into the original pool design, but it can be added to almost
any pool at a later date.

The BaduJet has no protruding parts ensuring pool users' safety. Very compact, installs at minimal

The BaduJet system includes control box with relay and air switch and 50 feet of air tubing.

Minimum 4" plumbing is required. Pump and Control also available in 3 phase. Read all instructions
before installing.

Parts List and Diagrams