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The New TOTAL ECLIPSE: Residential CORONA DISCHARGE Ozone Generator

The newimg.gif (11099 bytes) ECLIPSE line of ozone generators for residential pools offers Corona Discharge technology at UV pricing! Not until now have homeowners and smaller pool operators been able to enjoy Corona Discharge generated ozone for use in their pools. Plainly said, Corona Discharge type ozonators produce far more ozone, at a lower price than ozone produced by Ultraviolet Radiation ozonators. And DEL's new ECLIPSE Corona Discharge Ozone Generators produces more ozone than most other CD units (see chart)!


24-Hour CD Ozonator for New or Existing In-Ground Pools

Corona Discharge Ozone Generators for Residential Pools offered at UV Pricing!

Corona Discharge ozone generators produce far more ozone than comparably sized UV ozone generators. The ECLIPSE line of CD ozone generators produce up to 3 times the concentration of ozone produced by a UV generator. The TOTAL ECLIPSE units can roduce ozone concentrations reaching 1,540 ppm while UV generators top at about 550 ppm.

The TOTAL ECLIPSE is for new or existing in-ground pools with water capacity up to 25,000 gallons. The TOTAL ECLIPSE is designed for a dedicated wall fitting into the pool from the TOTAL ECLIPSE carrying 24 hour ozone, assisted by a built-in booster pump. The TOTAL ECLIPSE unit plugs into GFI 120 V outlet.

The ultimate sanitation solution for new pools, the TOTAL ECLIPSE generator is designed to recirculate pool water and inject ozone 24 hours a day. The TOTAL ECLIPSE installs independent of pool equipment and will operate regardless of whether your pool system is on or off.

Dispersion Method: Installs for circulation of pool water across pool equipment. Plumbs off the main circulation pipe after the filter and before the heater as shown below.

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Ozone Generator Grams Ozone/Hour Type Ozone Unit Ozone Conc.
DEL Eclipse 1
DEL ZO-910
Corona Discharge
UV Radiation

UV Radiation
450 ppm @ 15 cfh
298 ppm @ 15 cfh
115 ppm @ 15 cfh
DEL Eclipse 2
DEL ZO-912
Prozone PZVII-2
Corona Discharge
UV Radiation
UV Radiation
UV Radiation
700 ppm @ 15 cfh
524 ppm @ 15 cfh
344 ppm @ 20 cfh
290 ppm @ 15 cfh
DEL Eclipse 4
DEL LK-2000V
Teledyne Maxx-Pure
Corona Discharge
UV Radiation
Corona Discharge
1350 ppm @ 15 cfh
562 ppm @ 40 cfh
790 ppm @ 21 cfh
DEL TOTAL Eclipse 24 hour
DEL ZO-942
Corona Discharge
UV Radiation
1540 ppm @ 5 cfh
502 ppm @ 20 cfh

TOTAL ECLIPSE Unit Specifications

Electrical: 110/120V, 0.92A, 110W, 60Hz

Cabinet: Aluminum construction.

Unit Size: 14"W x 20"H x 6"D

Warranty: One year.

Components: TOTAL ECLIPSE ozone generator, standard parts bag, installation manual.

Ozone Output: 5scfh; 1,540ppm; 0.4gr/hr

ECT-2-16 DelZone - Total Eclipse 2, 24-hour system up to 25000 gallons, 110V (UL), parts bag sold separately $1300.00
ECT-2-25 DelZone - Total Eclipse 2, 24-hour system up to 25000 gallons, 220V (UL), parts bag sold separately $1600.00
ECT-4-16 DelZone - Total Eclipse 4, 24-hour system up to 50000 gallons, 110V (UL), parts bag sold separately $1700.00
ECT-4-25 DelZone - Total Eclipse 4, 24-hour system up to 60000 gallons, 220V (UL), parts bag sold separately $1900.00

Parts bag includes various plumbing related pieces used during the installation process, typical parts bags are $250.

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