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Del Eclipse 1 OzonatorThe Eclipse-1 Ozonator. Easy installation, durable Stainless Steel Finish, only 8in x 8in! Ozone is the World's Most Powerful Sanitizer!

newimg.gif (11099 bytes) Nature2 Express & Del Eclipse-1 Together!

No easier method of pool purification is available today than
the combination of Ozone & Cationic Sanitation. With the "horsepower" of Del Ozone combined with the "torque" of Nature2, this is one powerful Engine! For pools up to 25,000 gals. Larger pools can simply use Eclipse 4, along with the Nature2 Professional Model for pools up to 50,000 gals.

Run your pool with or without Chlorine!  Simply shock your pool weekly with 1 lb of potassium peroxymonopersulfate (non-chlorine shock) per 10,000 gals. Replace the Nature2 cartridge every 6 months. (3 lbs of Chlorine Shock is needed every 6 mos. to initialize a new Nature2 cartridge, and may be needed for instances of algae or bacteria contamination).

You still need to keep water balanced and run your filter as recommended, but you can reduce and even eliminate Chlorine!  Nature2 Express and Del Eclipse Ozone not only purify the water, but produce a sheen and a sparkle. Many users report the water to have a softer, silky feel.

"It's really easy! I just check the pH, and put in 2 lbs of shock [non-chlor] every week. Water always looks great! Thanks!". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . K. Moran, Alex., Va.

"...our eyes don't get red anymore, and the water feels nice ...we like it alot!" . . . . . . . . .R. Almeida, Pontiac, Mi.

"I use 1/2 of a chlorine tablet per week, (I can't ever notice it in the water)". . . .. . ....... P. Cox, Hanford, Ca.