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The New ECLIPSE line of Residential CORONA DISCHARGE Ozone generators...

The new05.gif (1433 bytes) ECLIPSE line of ozone generators from Del Industries for residential pools offers Corona Discharge technology at UV pricing! Not until now have homeowners and smaller pool operators been able to enjoy Corona Discharge generated ozone for use in their pools. Plainly said, Corona Discharge type ozonators produce far more ozone, at a lower price than ozone produced by Ultraviolet Radiation ozonators. And DEL's new ECLIPSE Corona Discharge Ozone Generators produces more ozone than most other CD units (see chart)!

There are four Eclipse models available - Eclipse-1, Eclipse-2, Eclipse-4, and the Total Eclipse - rated for residential pools from 7,000 / 15,000 or 25,000+ gallons.  The Total Eclipse, for new or existing pools, offers 24-hour operation for continuous ozone production. Eclipse 1, 2 & 4 units operate when a pump's running.


Ozone Generator Grams Ozone/Hour Type Ozone Unit Ozone Conc.
DEL Eclipse 1
DEL ZO-910
Corona Discharge
UV Radiation

UV Radiation
450 ppm @ 15 cfh
298 ppm @ 15 cfh
115 ppm @ 15 cfh
DEL Eclipse 2
DEL ZO-912
Prozone PZVII-2
Corona Discharge
UV Radiation
UV Radiation
UV Radiation
700 ppm @ 15 cfh
524 ppm @ 15 cfh
344 ppm @ 20 cfh
290 ppm @ 15 cfh
DEL Eclipse 4
DEL LK-2000V
Teledyne Maxx-Pure
Corona Discharge
UV Radiation
Corona Discharge
1350 ppm @ 15 cfh
562 ppm @ 40 cfh
790 ppm @ 21 cfh
DEL TOTAL Eclipse 24 hour
DEL ZO-942
Corona Discharge
UV Radiation
1540 ppm @ 5 cfh
502 ppm @ 20 cfh

Corona Discharge Ozone Generators for Residential Pools offered at UV Pricing!

Corona Discharge ozone generators produce far more ozone than comparably sized UV swimming pool ozone generators. The ECLIPSE line of CD ozone generators produce up to 3 times the concentration of ozone produced by a UV generator. The ECLIPSE units produce ozone concentrations reaching 1,350 ppm while UV generators top at about 550 ppm.

The ECLIPSE units are designed for installation with an adjustable injector manifold (included) plumbed into the main pool return line after all other pool equipment as shown below. The ECLIPSE Swimming Pool Ozonator will operate in unison with the pool's main time clock.

INSTALLATION IS A BREEZE! Simply plumb in the injector manifold on the pool's return line, after all other equipment. Mount the Delzone Eclipse Ozonator unit on a wall or board, and make a simple electrical connection to the filter pump's time clock or switch. Connect the tubing between the Delzone unit and the injector and you're done! I've personally installed these in under 20 minutes. A hacksaw, a screwdriver and a little pvc glue is all that's needed. Full, detailed instructions are included with every Delzone unit. A toll free call answers any questions you may have.

Del Eclipse installation diagram

Dispersion method: Ozone injector plumbs into pool return line; injects ozone through a venturi injector (included) when the pool circulation system operates.

ECLIPSE 1-4 Unit Specifications

ECLIPSE-1: 110/120V, 0.06A, 7.2W, 60Hz; 220/240V, 0.06A, 14.4W, 50/60Hz
ECLIPSE-2: 110/120V, 0.12A, 14.4W, 60Hz; 220/240V, 0.12A, 28.8W, 50/60Hz
ECLIPSE-4: 110/120V, 0.24A, 28.8W, 60Hz; 220/240V, 0.24A, 57.6W, 50/60Hz

Cabinet: Extruded aluminum construction.

Unit Size:
ECLIPSE-1: 7.75"W x 8"H x 2.5"D
ECLIPSE-2: 7.75"W x 14"H x 2.5"D
ECLIPSE-4: 7.75"W x 24"H x 2.5"D

Warranty: One year.

Components: ECLIPSE ozone generator, ozone supply tubing, standard parts bag, adjustable injector manifold, installation manual.

Ozone Output:
ECLIPSE-1: 15scfh; 450ppm; 0.3gr/hr
ECLIPSE-2: 15scfh; 700ppm; 0.5gr/hr
ECLIPSE-4: 15scfh; 1,350ppm; 1.0gr/hr


The newest member of the ECLIPSE product line, the SpaECLIPSE is the first Corona Discharge ozone generator for residential spas available through distribution. In addition to the advantages of Corona Discharge ozone technology, the SpaECLIPSE saves money because the Corona Discharge chip uses less energy (no lamp, ballast, or starter) than an ultraviolet generator and costs less to replace.

The SpaECLIPSE uses solid state electronics to eliminate voltage spikes that can upset spa-pack electronics or trip the G.F.C.I. Finally, water backup into the SpaECLIPSE will not harm the unit or trip the spa's G.F.C.I.

SpaECLIPSE Installation

For installation into spas with water capacity up to 1,000 gallons. Plumbs into all ozone-ready spas or the spa return line. Injects ozone through venturi when the spa circulation system operates.

For spas where the air venturi is inaccessible, inconveniently located, or provides insufficient suction, a DEL injector manifold may be used. These installations are also used if an air-blower is used to "supercharge" jets.

1-speed pumps require DEL injector manifold IU-206 (NSF listed)
2-speed pumps require DEL injector manifold IU-201

SpaECLIPSE Unit Specifications

110/120V, 90mA, 11W, 60Hz
220/240V, 90mA, 22W, 60Hz

Cabinet: Molded Plastic Enclosure
Unit Size:5"W x 6"H x 2.5"D
Shipping Weight:2.0 lbs.
Warranty: One Year

Single CD Chip: All CD chips rated for 9,000 hours of operation.

Components: SpaECLIPSE CD ozone generator, ozone supply tubing, ozone supply check valve, mounting screws, installation manual with water chemistry guide.

SpaECLIPSE Part Numbers:

Cord Type

Part Number






with AMP connector in parts bag




with AMP connector in parts bag

Large J&J Ozone Plug





Mini J&J Ozone Plug





2-Prong (Standard Plug)

(Not Available in 220/240)


& express.gif (11257 bytes)



Del Eclipse 1 OzonatorThe Eclipse-1 Ozonator. Easy installation, durable Stainless Steel Finish, only 8in x 8in! Ozone is the World's Most Powerful Sanitizer!

newimg.gif (11099 bytes) Nature2 Express & Del Eclipse-1 Together!

No easier method of pool purification is available today than the combination of Ozone & Cationic Santitation. With the "horsepower" of Del Ozone combined with the "torque" of Nature2, this is one powerful Engine!

Run your pool with or without Chlorine!  Simply shock your pool weekly with 1 lb of potassium peroxy- monopersulfate (non-chlorine shock) per 10,000 gals. Replace the Nature2 cartrdridge every 6 months. (3 lbs of Chlorine Shock is needed to initialize a new Nature2 cartridge, and may be needed for instances of algae or bacteria contamination)

You still need to keep water balanced and run your filter as recommended, but you can reduce and even eliminate Chlorine!.  Nature2 and Del Ozone not only purify the water, but produce a sheen and a sparkle. Many users report the water to have a softer, silky feel.

"It's really easy! I just check the pH, and put in 2 lbs of shock [non-chlor] every week. Water always looks great! Thanks!". . . . . . . . . . . . . . . K. Moran, Alex., Va.

"...our eyes don't get red anymore, and the water feels nice ...we like it alot!" . . . . . . . . .R. Almeida, Pontiac, Mi.

"I use 1/2 of a chlorine tablet per week, (I can't ever notice it in the water)". . . .. . . . . .. . P. Cox, Hanford, Ca.



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